Angie (Alicia Lagano) has flashbacks while working with the Shakespeare festival in Ashland, Oregon. She replays her tormented past through a sexual encounter that becomes angry and assaultive. Her brother Kurt (Morgan Spector) watches from the closet. Angie attacks him, then turns her anger inward and attempts suicide.

Detective Purdue (Michael Elich) investigating the scene, finds drugs and money, and pursues the case. Complications arise between Purdue and Dr. Nathan Andrews (Doug Rowe), a clinical psychologist Angie is mandated to see. Each crosses professional boundaries as they examine Angie's and Kurt’s lives. Are the siblings victims or victimizers?

Their abusive stepfather Mick Callaway (Richard Elmore) wants revenge . . . and his stolen money.

Angie, Kurt, Andrews, Purdue, and Mick are drawn into a deadly battle between good and evil. None can escape what they cannot control or forgive in themselves.


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