At 20 years of age, while in training as a Navy pilot at Corpus Christi, Texas, I decided there were two things I wanted to do professionally in my life. One was to teach Psychology at a university level while maintaining a small practice as a Clinical Psychologist. The other was to be a filmmaker. Either way I hoped to live in Ashland, Oregon and to raise a family.

I became a university teacher (Southern Oregon University) and Clinical Psychologist first. I retired as professor emeritus in 1997 and closed my clinical practice in 2009.

I attended the USC Film School during a sabbatical in the 1970's. Through the years working with faculty and friends from USC I met Michael Lanahan, a graduate of USC Film School, and we decided to collaborate on a number of screenplays. One of these was eventually sold and made into a movie in 1987 (Jocks). I have been writing screenplays in my spare time since and have always dreamed of producing/ writing/directing a feature film. Raspberry Heaven is based on a screenplay Michael and I wrote in the '80's. I decided to let the leading characters (small children) grow up and it became a different story and screenplay. Raspberry Heaven is my first, but not last, movie.

With this movie and any future projects, I have recognized that I cannot escape my life as a psychologist. I have spent my life living in the midst of the unconscious and conscious contradictions of others and myself. I have observed and experienced how the verities of love, sex, friendship and belonging get twisted by fears of intimacy, inadequacy, rejection, estrangement and finally, the loss of control over our own lives. Thus there are autobiographical elements in Raspberry Heaven. If psychological realism is what you're looking for in a movie, you'll find it in Raspberry Heaven.


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